Kristin Fitzgerald – Candidate for Naperville School Board 203


Academic Excellence for All Students

  • Returning to learn in person safely and prioritizing students’ academic and SEL needs resulting from the pandemic
  • Championing the needs of each student and advocating for them to reach their full potential
  • Working to close the academic achievement gap and ensure the success of all students
  • Continuing advocacy for our Comprehensive Equity Plan to fully achieve the District 203 Mission for all students

Using Budget Resources Wisely

  • Lowering the tax burden through responsible budgeting
  • Partnering with private and public entities to maximize support for students

Partnership with the Community

  • Understanding the day-to-day challenges at each school through regular communication with parents, teachers and administrators
  • Partnering with all families to ensure a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture in each school
  • Prioritizing opportunities for the Board to listen and learn from the community